Hohe Fahrt on the Edersee lake - a water sports and outdoor paradise

Hohe Fahrt Youth Hostel by the Edersee lake is located on the north shore of the Edertalsperre barrier lake near Vöhl-Asel. The Youth Hostel consists of a large main building and 29 cosy log cabins.

Holiday village for water lovers and forest rangers
Summer camp in a holiday village by a lake. Hohe Fahrt Youth Hostel offers generous accommodation in the main building, with its four blocks, or in one of the pretty log cabins. Even several groups staying at the same time will not get in each other's way. The Hostel is particularly popular with music groups, rowing and other clubs, or children's groups up to the age of about 16. Our kitchen will provide you with a varied diet and is happy to accommodate individual requirements upon request. The vast grounds and Edersee lake, which is very close by, offer plenty of opportunities for sports and games, especially those to do with water: swimming, paddling, windsurfing, diving or sailing. For land lovers, there are football pitches, volleyball and streetball fields.
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4.30 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. Uhr